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Create Web Database Applications without coding


What kind of applications can I build?

You can build any application where you need to store data, search or filter that data and/or create custom reports. 

Got a whole lot of data stored in a spreadsheet?  Need to share it online with others? Until Bilt, short of sharing the actual spreadsheet via Google docs, you have not had a way to do that effectively. But now you do ...

For instance, say you coach a sports team.  The team even has a website where you communicate with players and their supporters.  But until now you have kept the details of players, practice sessions, game schedule and game results in a spreadsheet.  Now you can build a database application using Bilt that will do that same thing.  Only better.  Because you can share it online via your site! 

Using Bilt, you can create an unlimited number of entities (we call them "Materials").  For example, you can create Materials called Team Members, Practice Sessions, Games and so on.  You can add as many fields as you like to each.  For instance a Team Member can have a First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Phone Number, Date of Birth and so on. 

Once you set up your Materials, you simply define the forms you want to use to enter the data and then create the reports you need to display that data in the required format.

Even better, Bilt has extended users controls that allows you to separate users into group and configure access to each Material by group. You can even configure access to each Material's fields to control who can see what!

If you can do it in a spreadsheet you can now do it in  Bilt!

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